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Welcome to Wix Website Live Registration

Welcome Wix class members! I'm pumped you're here, and ready to join me live on Monday the 30th, at 12pm Eastern

As a Thank you for being here, and on the Website list. Please reserve your spot for just $59 vs $77 and STILL receive the 3 Full Cloud Lash Trays!

Register Below!

Watch as I build a Wix Website Live, so you can build your very own!

During this live class, you will get the chance to watch as I build a beautiful yet client attracting website using the Wix platform. See how to properly add images, how to structure pages, change backgrounds, add download forms and more. 

The Live class will also have a Q & A session at the end.


Claim your seat before July 30th, and get 3 full trays of my Cloud Lashes as my gift for joining!

Claim your seat CLICK HERE!

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