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Lash & Brow Vendor Guide Resource for Beauty Entrepreneurs

They say the average millionaire has 7 streams of income...yes 7. 

So if striving for more in your lash and brow business is on your radar of leveling up, adding multiple streams of income to your portfolio has to be a part of that. 

Listen...we can't all stay behind the table until we retire...yeah some may choose that route, while others will choose to step from behind it and add other paths to their agenda. 

Me, I'm looking to add at least 7 total streams, so that one day I'll move from behind the totally focus on education, events and connecting. 


I have 4, and I'm working on 3 more. We cannot rely on just one, and expect to see high returns. Nope we have to focus on several...and here's one for YOU! 

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The first resource guide of its' kind, a guide to Lash & Brow Vendors for private labeling for Beauty Entrepreneurs.  

In this guide I will give you details on how to connect with and reach over 15 different lash and brow manufacturers. 

The Lash & Brow Vendor Guide will include:

Contact details for lash, brow, room equipment and tweezer manufacturers

Minimums to order

Costs to have your logo printed on the products

Products that each manufacturer offers

Details on fees

Images of products they offer

If samples are given with or without shipping costs

Shipping details and more...

I'll also include tips and strategies to help make your product line a success. 

...and more!!

lash an brow vendor guide

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to Dubai for Beauty World and it was like no other show I've ever been to. And it's where I sought out my manufacturers. (*sidenote...if you ever can go overseas to source products....I highly recommend it*)

Buuuut I get it, not everyone has the budget to travel across the world to seek out and meet manufacturers in person...yet. I hear you.

This doesn't mean you have to put your private label ambitions on hold...or pause considering getting your product line launched...

And trust me I know there's hardly anyone out there sharing this kind of information...our industry suffers from tight lip one wants to share, and divulge any connects. 

Until NOW!

I know some of you may be saying...Yeah ok Rickina that's cool and all...but I can find manufacturers online and on Instagram...


Yep you can... and it will probably add another 3-9 months to your timeline, with searching and finding, and emailing, and figuring out what you need to be asking....


You'll soon find out if you're serious...because this process is tedious on its own...the vendor guide will take some of the stress out of the equation and get you onto creating your brand that much quicker, and making you another stream of income!


If you're committed to finding great quality and great manufacturers to work with it will already take time to test and test some more...this guide will save you loads of time and headache!

Grab your Lash & Brow Vendor guide today!

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