Cloud Lash Mixed Tray

Cloud Lash Mixed Tray

$20.00 Regular Price
$17.00Sale Price

You asked, we listened. Now try our Cloud Lashes in a mixed tray from lengths of

8mm - 15mm. 

Our Cloud Lashes are flat, ultra soft, and weightless to create beautiful lash sets. 


Increase your lash set times, with our Cloud Lashes that lock on to the natural eyelash, pair them our Relentless adhesive for an amazing lashing experience. 


Choose from C and D curls, and .15 and .20 thickness. Keep in mind our .15 is the equivalent of .07 in weight, and our .20 is the equivalent of .10. So you can stack them for a more creative look .

You can also pair our Cloud Lashes with volume techniques for a gorgeous fluffy dramatic set. 


***Wholesale Pricing Available with at least 10 tray purchase***

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