Using Picture Books to Get More Clients | The Lash CEO

How you can use beautiful picture books to get more microblading and lash extension clients

Sometimes when you're a new or even a seasoned microblading artist or eyelash extension stylist you gotta find new ways to get new clients or more clients to you. 

I'm always on the hunt to find new affordable clever ways to attract new clients or gain more interest in my services. I've created several picture books in the past and they'e always been a great hit. So now that I do 90% microblading, it was time to get a big beautiful book full of them. And some lash extensions but the idea is to get the salon clients to pick up the book and gush over my insanely natural looking eyebrows I create with Microblading. 

Maybe you can find a creative way to use picture books in your business as well. If you do let me know below would love to hear how it goes for you!


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