How to get your business to show up on Google first

According to Google in order to get your business to show up on Google first is well..complicated. But here's some information I dug up and found and I'd like to share that with you the beauty professional.

show up on Google first
how to get your business to show up on google first

Google says that "To maximize how often users find your business in local search results, ensure that your business information in Google My Business is accurate, complete, and engaging". Pretty simple and straight forward right?

They also mention these points as well:

Enter complete data - Keeping your information accurate and up to date...YES

Also make sure your information is complete, down to hours, services, phone number, categories etc...

Verify your locations - Be sure your information is verified with Google.

Keep your hours accurate - Updating your operating hours and when you have special hours, is important as well. Knowing you're open and the confidence that you're a keeper of your word is important to Google.

Manage & respond to reviews

Thanking clients for leaving you a review and commenting shows you appreciate each and every review. Commenting to each and all reviews, even the not so great reviews. This gives you

a chance to explain your side of the story if necessary.

Add photos - Accurate and appealing photos is what sometimes makes a clients choose us over a competitor. Not to mention Google My Business pictures in my opinion get thee most views and visibility online. Especially for's not uncommon for my photos to get upwards of 500 views in a day or 2.

Next Google says this: "Local results are based primarily on relevance, distance, and prominence. A combination of these factors helps us find the best match for your search". They go to further break the down.

Relevance -How well does your website or profile match to what they're looking for? Sidenote: If Google can't recognize your relevance with keywords, and phrases, or alt text on don't exist to Google.

Distance - Distance considers how far each customer's search result is from the location they used in the search. If a customer doesn't specify a location in their search, we’ll (GOOGLE)calculate distance based on what we do know about their location.

Prominence -How well known a business is refers to Prominence. Prominence is also based on information that Google has collected about a business, from across the web, like links, articles, and directories. This is Also Known As : CITATIONS Get your business information on lots of aggregators, directories, voice search applications etc...because this will help your listing grow in Prominence and visibility to Google.

It's almost a matching game that Google strives to be the best at. Matching customer queries to the best outcome. If your website doesn't get the job done...down lower lower in the search rankings you go.

Getting your website to show up on Google's Maps, and in organic listings is completely possible...I've done it and countless numbers of my students have as well. But you have to know what you don't know now in order to make it happen.

Why not let me walk you through it...or grab one of my Done For You options.

Either way you'll come out ahead of most of your competition.

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