How to Get Lash Clients

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Here's what I won't tell you to go do in order to get more lash clients or beauty clients. Now don't get me wrong...there is nothing wrong with the following methods...because they definitely do have their place in your marketing mix.

But what I wanna focus on is little known strategies that work quite well, but don't require you to spend hours on social media. And don't require paying some scammy company $1000's a month to "guarantee" your spot on the first page of Google. I know you've heard or seen some of those right?

Most marketing blogs, and search engine optimization (SEO)services will tell you that a large chunk of online local traffic is turning to Google search to find local service providers. Sure there is a segment that is on social, and a segment that

will only choose based on referrals.

But if you're anything like me, I prefer to focus on serving my clients, growing my business and not spending hours on social media...or relying on clients to refer new clients to my lash and brow business. It's great when they do, and I reward them for doing that...but I cannot rely on that to pay my bills. Can YOU?

So for the last decade I've put my focus and energy into systems and platforms that offer more predictable, and reliable visibility online. When others were focusing on social media, and essentially begging online for people to book with them. I was spending my time learning SEO, online marketing and how it can best benefit my beauty business and bring me more clients.

I'm 'old school' I prefer to connect with clients and people in person. But I began to realize about 8 years ago that having a website that performs well, and shows up in online searches is a crucial key to attracting new clients. Especially clients who may not know me, but are looking for what beauty services I offer.

I started doing the work and learning all I could about SEO and what makes Google happy when it comes to online search and what is it's true purpose of why sites show up on the first page.

And what I found is's complicated. No surprise though right?! Yeah it's complicated and no one in the beauty industry back then, and even now really teach or talk about what it takes to genuinely show up on the first page of Google. Without paying for a spot.

But back when I had like 3 clients...I couldn't pay for Google ads...and to be honest I didn't know how to do it without losing a crap ton of what money I did have. And yes I did try...that's how I know I didn't know what the hades I was doing...and you guessed it. I lost a crap ton of money... That feeling of losing money that could have been put somewhere else for better use...and you essentially just tossed it out the virtual window. It's thee worst.

I decided that I had to dig and figure this online marketing and digital platform out, and I had to learn what it would take to get me on that front page...and not just once...but I wanted to dominate the front page. So that when people where searching for what I offered, it would be a no brainer...they'd have to choose me.

Here's what I began to find:

  1. Google enjoys it best when you give it what it wants. And that's a good experience for it's end user... Which is us when we search for something.

  2. Google wants to see relevant key factors on our websites when it sends its web crawlers to 'look' at our website.

  3. I couldn't 'fool' Google into believing what was not really there.

  4. Google wants to see 'proof' that you're a legit business on other reputable websites, and directories.

  5. Google wants to know that if your site gets shown on the front page of it's search results...the end user will not be disappointed with the results.

Now this isn't an exhaustive list...but one that will put you miles and miles ahead of most competition, if done correctly.

Here's the takeaway I want you to get from reading this, or for connecting with


If you're in the lash or beauty industry and you're looking to get more clients. It's a must to have some type of website presence. And even if you're in the nail, massage, braiding, wig, hair, brow or PMU business and you need to get more clients. You will need to adopt some Google friendly principles.

I will keep sharing with you what is working hopes that what I share will help my fellow beauty entrepreneurs attract more new clients and help their businesses grow...despite a pandemic. It's totally possible...if you're allowed to in your area anyway.

Let me know if you have a website in the comments...or if not, what has been stopping you from taking the leap?