How Long Does Semi Permanent Makeup Last? (Swipe Post)

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You've been a slave to the morning routine with your eyebrows...and you've finally declared enough is enough. Why am I still dealing with the sins of my teens when I overplucked my brows? Or maybe you're having it out with Mother Nature as she has decided that as we women age...we not only lose some brow hair...but it ends up on our chins! What?? Not cool Mother Nature....not cool!

So you start thinking...there's gotta be a better way. There has to be a way that I can wake up every morning and not fight with my brows. And in your quest to find a semi-permanent've come across some pretty out of the box solutions...well. Maybe not real solutions...but hey...they may work for some people. Brow tinting never really seems to cut it...because after a few showers, and sweat're back to square one. You've seen the brow wigs...Yep that's a thing. And then the girl on Facebook stamping her brows on her face...Yikes...that wasn't cute. So you dig some more.

And low and behold...the answer you've been searching for...finds you! A semi permanent  makeup solution that actually lasts more than a few weeks!!? Yes! And I won't look like I've lost a battle with a Sharpie marker...SOLD...where do I sign up? And that's where the journey begins. You begin doing research on what to expect, how to select the right artist, does the technique hurt, is it implanting hair? 

Your research takes you to the conclusion that IF you choose the right artist....your brows WILL NOT look like a Sharpie battle, your eyebrows once healed WILL look amazing...and prevail through any sweat session, and shower after shower. It is not actually implanting hair, and that if done correctly is a pretty stress free appointment...Again, IF you choose the right artist. 

 You finally land on who you believe will do you and your brows some justice... the best semi permanent makeup artist for you and your needs. You've read all of their reviews, you've stalked their Facebook pages and even maybe commented on a post or 2.  You've looked at Every. Single. Brow. they've posted...and you're convinced this is the brow artist for your life long brow debacle. 

Wake up ready for the day without a brow care!
Insanely natural microblading Va Beach

You schedule your consultation and your semi permanent artist explains the whole process in detail and answers any questions you may have. You feel comfortable...and even a little less nervous now.  You begin to think in your head....this may actually work. You then ask the question of all questions: How Long Does Semi-Permanent Makeup Last?

And here is the response your brow artist gave: Semi-Permanent Makeup Can Last anywhere from 9-18 months on most skin types. The level of retention depends on several internal and external factors that can and cannot be controlled. Let's start with external factors. The type of pigment used can determine results.  The type of tool tip used during the service can determine results.  The experience level of the artist can determine results. And of course the skin type and genetics contributes to the end results as well.  Mature skin tends to have longer lasting results, oilier skin tends to have less crisp results, and may need an extra touch up or two. The pigment color chosen will also determine results, with lighter medium brown needing more touch ups, and darker deeper colors needing less.

 Also how well the client takes care of their brows and follows the aftercare plan given plays another factor in the results equation. Taking care to not use any alpha hydroxy acids, or grit-based exfoliation on the brows all will determine results and longevity. And finally using a proper SPF daily on the brows, will help ensure your brow investment is protected. 

Ultimately, if the proper aftercare is followed, and you've selected an experienced semi-permanent microblading stylist you should have a wonderfully liberating experience having your eyebrows done.

Results can vary, but on average most clients get almost a good year of effortless, fuss free...stayin' in place brows. No fears of wiping them off...and walking around with half-a$$ brows...who here can relate to that mess? 

If you're in the Virginia Beach area or are up for a little road trip, I'd love to be your brow artist and give you the brows you've been stalking online :-) Click Here to visit my website and learn more.