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In the beginning it might be hard to know the difference. Your Lash & Brow business may start off as just a hobby...and then flip to a job...and then warp into a business.

But knowing this from the start will save you all kinds of headaches along the way.

Here's a quick "ask yourself' test to see.

Are you trying to save up for that trip to Fiji in a couple of years for the ultimate vacay, but you are not really looking to quit your 9-5? Then a lash and brow business may be a side hustle for you...or eh hem...a hobby. And this is totally and completely ok!

Are you looking to pump out sets of lashes and brows, and call it a day?

Then you might be looking for a job. Which is totally Fine too! You can still make wonderful income this way, and possibly work for with a freakin' amazing team of go getters.

Or maybe you're looking to invest all your life's savings to buy supplies, rent, utilities, taxes, insurance, training, marketing, legal, and countless midnight oil hours for the the idea that you could maybe see a return in the future? Welp...then you're on the Business track :-)

So lemme ask you...where are you right now? Comment below if you're struggling where you are right now. No matter which stage you're in...if you wanna do better. I can help you! <3

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