Google My Business(GMB) for Lash & Brow Artists

Pssst...... You weren't told this in your lash, brow or beauty training but being good friends with Google and its' platforms will do your business more good than if you were to spam your social media streams all day.

I know, I may be wondering why didn't anyone tell me about Google and how to use it effectively to grow my business? Why? Because the people that typically teach or train...are not trained in online marketing or visibility (usually) But lucky for you...I am...and I'm also still in the lash and brow business so I get your challenges and your struggles you are dealing with. Because I've been there too. Except I have a background in marketing so I have/had a small advantage unlike a lot of my competitors.

So with this knowledge I share what I can with those willing to work for their business, grow it and design it to be exactly what they need it to be.

Now on to Google My Business. While not complicated at all to use, it does take consistency and patience to see results. And I think the reason many people sleep on GMB is because they don't have the patience to see it through. Because while in some cases you can see results in a day or 2, there are times where you gotta wait for a month or 2...and trust me when I say I am not the star player for patience. Really...I do not like waiting on slowful people, processes...or results. I want results yesterday...but when it comes to some things in your lash, brow or beauty business you have to have that patience in order to get the results you want.

Here are 4 tips for using GMB to improve your online visibility for your beauty business:

1. Claim your free listing RIGHT NOW! Don't wait...literally go and do it now. If you have a physical location in your city, you can claim or register your business. If you run your business from home, this unfortunately will not apply to your business. are ok with the public knowing your address.

2. Post and make updates Every. Single. Day... It sounds like a lot...because it is. But if showing up on the first page of Google is a goal for you...go on ahead and put this on your daily task list.

3. When you post be sure you are using tags that a potential client would likely use. Don't make up hashtags that include your business name, or random hashtags that clients won't use to find you. Think like a client here...a client that doesn't know our lash and brow lingo.

4. Have patience...and know absolutely that what you're doing IS working....I can prove it with my online presence and the happy stylists I have helped over the last 18 months or so.

GMB also gives you an idea of the keywords that searchers are looking for. This helps you better cater to those search words.

Below is also a snapshot of my July insights from my GMB profile. You can see I have over 3,321 total searches...for July alone! And only a fraction of direct searches, meaning that small green area are searches that people did because they knew my name or business name.

I wanted to also include this screenshot below to show you just how CRUCIAL your website truly is. If you have a business with the mission of maximizing your income...You. Need. A. Website. It's the highest action taken when potential clients are searching for you. No Excuses!

Whether you're the DIY type, or need someone to step in and do it for you...Take Action!

Don't forget I'm a phone call away with 30 or 60 minute coaching calls to help solve your visibility challenges. Or maybe another coaching option I offer, either way, I'm here to help your business succeed!



The Lash CEO™

p.s. One last tip: Post a ton of pictures...I mentioned it above but wanted you to see what Google says about doing this too! See my screenshot below :-)

How crucial posting pictures for your lash extension business
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