How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Stylists Make?

If you have a steady hand, phenomenal hand and eye coordination and a good chunk of patience...Eyelash Extensions as a career may be a good fit for you.

Contrary to what some may have you believe, a career in this industry isn't easy, and takes months and months of practice to even get efficient. And years of practice to get good!

But if you have a passion for serving others, and love to make people feel good about themselves, you may be in the right industry. But beware just narrowing down and selecting who to learn from is proving a challenge in this amazing yet

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tough industry.

Firstly before investing in any brand, trainer or company be sure you completely understand your local or state regulations. Many states now are requiring stylists ....yes we call ourselves stylists...not technicians :-) to have a license in either Esthetics or Cosmotology. Just being 'certified' literally means nothing. The only way a certification means anything is if a national or local governing body, or organization recognized deems it so. And so far only a handful of states actually have a License for Eyelash Extensions...with Texas being one of them. Certified just means you decided to spend money on a 1-2 day class to learn how to apply eyelashes.

With getting a license you learn a more in depth approach to working with clients, understanding the dynamic of hair and skin. Contraindications, allergies, and a better understanding of sterilization and sanitation. While taking a class to learn is definitely recommended...getting a license puts you in a separate class of serious. Because think about're working around people's bad judgement or bad choice could mean serious damage to your client.

But in a more uplifting note, being in this industry is definitely full of amazing opportunity and chances to make your clients feel beautiful about themselves. And when you approach it as a serious business or even a side hustle in the beginning it can be rewarding and lucrative. With full eyelash sets ranging in cost

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of $100-$400 and the maintenance costs...You can see why so many want to be a part of this industry.

Eyelash extension salary ranges can be anywhere from $15k/ year to over $100k/year... With everything hinging on how hard you (and or your team) work, how hard your market and where you are located. In areas where the market is huge, you could make a $45k a year...while a smaller market may offer around $25k

And I want to stress the importance of your perseverance and work ethic here. You can't expect to make $100k your first year and it's only you, with little to no experience and serving 30 really need to set realistic goals. And be fair to yourself on how to get there. It will take time, it will be hard...and it WILL be worth it!

If you find you want to learn more about the eyelash extensions industry and salary stuff, DM on Instagram and ask me questions.

I'm happy to help and share!