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And the hype I'm referring to is the training, classes, courses hype...I've spoke on this before, but I'm still hearing more of you coming to me with Hype Stories...

You know...Hype stumble onto a glamorous looking Insta feed...their work looks amazing...their models...amazing, the filters...amazing...Oh what's this...they're doing a training class just 6 hours away from where I live. Bet...I'm there!

You do what you can to muster up the investment to go and take the class...You get there and you're pumped. Eager to learn and soak in all the learning juice. Only to find you're swallowed up by hundreds of students, you can't get any personal attention...questions go unanswered, you're not sure if you're doing the technique right. There is no real value being delivered, but more of a performance with grandeur.

You walk away from the class, feeling like you just wasted $1k and you're not too sure how to get that investment back, because they didn't really teach you how to properly market to your ideal market..they only gave you a few ideas about posting on Facebook, and posting to Instagram. And telling friends and family about your services.

That is the Hype business...and unfortunately there are all types of hype type training running rampant in our industry. The key here is to know what you're looking to get out of your education and seek it out. Do Your Research...

Don't believe the hype of fancy pages, fancy pictures and photoshop personalities...

Ask yourself if you're truly going to get that investment back? And Ask Questions BEFORE you invest!

Don't believe the hype...

If you've been there...tell me in the comments...and what you wish you would have known before investing...

Ask the right questions before investing in another training


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