Defining Your Beauty Business Why | The Lash CEO

I get wrapped up in the details of my really wrapped up. With supplies to keep track of, social media, customer service, customer experience, keeping my space neat and tidy and smelling amazing...there are so many little details that have to be tended to every single week...heck every single day. And don't get me started with my duties at home...that's a whole other story!

So it's easy to experience a little bit of burnout. Running a successful business is hard...yeah we get easy days...and the rewards are phenomenal. But day in and day out...we can lose focus...and place energy where it could be elsewhere.

So for me I've focusing on my long term goals...and Why I started on this crazy journey in the first place. And how my Why has changed in the last 6 years.

My why used to be available for my family since my husband is Navy and gone often. Something where I could pour my creative and experience into that I would enjoy every day...and hopefully at some point make an income too.

6 years later I've accomplished that and I'm ready for part deux :-) So now it's time to re-focus on my Why? And for me my why now consists of spending my time between family, building a solid business locally and building a training, coaching and mentorship business as well. You all have become a huge part of my Thank you for that!

Point is...when you're running a business your Why has to stay a constant part of every single day. When things suck...what is your Why? When a clients is difficult? What is your Why? When you only made $200 this week...what is your Why?

Because trust me...those times are coming if you haven't been there already...and one of the motivating your Why...

So...let me ask you...

Do you know your Why? Has your Why changed since you started? And how do you plan on fueling your now Why?