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I've heard some brow artists tell me that they're scared to launch or grow their brow business because they don't want to mess up. Or they're not sure how clients will react if they don't like their brows...

I can tell you that these fear based excuses cannot stop you from stepping into your passion.

Because when we serve others, there will be some that we cannot adequately satisfy...and yeah that's scary. But we can also navigate these waters with a few steps before, during and after we see every client.

Take the time to fully educate each brow client before they even make an appointment. Explain what they should expect on their newly enhanced brow journey. Let me know that healing is a process and what the skin does during this time.

Keep them involved during each step of the appointment, and let them feel a part of the process. Be sure you get a verbal confirmation at every step, this is important.

These are just some of the things we use at our disposal as experienced brow artists in order to lessen the chances of disgruntle clients down the line. Sure it won't work every time...but when we're in business we have to take the happy clients with the not so happy clients and learn how to learn from them.

As painful and personal as it may feel. You'll begin to understand how to tread through it, and keep it moving.

Need to learn more about how to navigate through tough client situations?

Come spend the day with me to refresh your brow game, learn real strategies(that I use) to grow your brow game, brow game swag goodies, brainstorming/coaching sessions all while I feed you yummy food, drinks and sweets all day in a small intimate setting with less than 25 like minded CEO's.

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