4 Clever Local Visibility Tips for Microblading & Lash Extension Artists

Easy tips to get the most visibility and more clients for your microblading and lash business.

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Clever ways to get local visibility and new clients

#1 Micro Niche Your Market

Do you lash expectant mothers? More

and more mama's to be are opting to look

gorgeous for all those post delivery

photos and for when friends and

family visit. Do a search for local

3D ultrasound companies and create a

mutual referral program.

Offer a discount to 3D ultrasound

mamas, while you can offer 3D

ultrasound to

your expectant mama's!



3 Referral Rule

Offer your best clients a free valued

service (typically a high dollar service)

if they will send you 3 referrals!

Not only does this give you client

incentive to spread the word, you get to

enjoy 3 new clients on your books.

Now multiply those efforts by those 3

clients, and other loyal clients...and your

calendar is looking might fine!

If free isn't for you...try 50 or 75% off.



On The Spot Review

If you already have happy clients,

they should be more than willing to leave

you a review.

Once you have a few, show them off to

your newer clients via your facebook or

on your website.

Once you've completed their service, tell

them that if they'd be willing to do an on

the spot quick written testimonial or

quick video praise...you'll know $XX off

of their service today!

Works like a charm!


#4 I'm always a fan of giving back to my community or any foundation that is doing positive things. Find a local chapter of your favorite charity or even put the word out to your Facebook friends that you'd be willing to donate a set of lashes for a great cause. And watch how many will begin to show up. Be sure that the cause is geared towards your idea clients. No since in donating to a HS Football team...unless you can somehow flip it to target those mamas!

So there you have it, 4 Clever and unique ways to gain more new clients and gain visibility for your business.

If you need even more guidance or coaching in getting new clients for your lash and brow business, head to my coaching and training page. I'd love to cheer you on!