10 Ways to Improve your Lash & Brow Business Visibility

If you're running a solo business or even a business with a few lash artists or brow pros on your team you already know how crucial your visibility is. 

You know it because without enough clients every day your business runs the risk of becoming a statistic. Closing before that 2 or 5 year mark. And unfortunately the problem usually isn't because businesses lack the skill of doing amazing brows or lashes...it's because they didn't properly tackle the task of marketing and visibility. Especially online visibility. 

But the problem lies deeper than that. When you decided to invest in your education and learn a new skill and add value to yourself and eventually a business, you weren't taught the visibility side of business. You were taught the skill and then a paragraph or two on marketing. When in hindsight...it should have been taught before you even learned the skill. Because think about it...without clients...what good is the skill? 

And then the Ah Ha moment hits you. I need CLIENTS! Without clients...my business will fail. And fail it will if you get caught in the trap of desperation and begging for appointments or clients. 

But there is a better way, and there is a smarter approach to this situation. Learn the Skill....Learn the Business. It's why I educate and it's why I share what I know. Because without visibility a large chunk of business falls to the wayside. So let's take a look at 10 visibility tips to improve your chances. 

1) Creating a Killer Website: Not only should your website be created before you actually launch your business. It should be created with the intention of it being a hard working member of your team. One that doesn't need any breaks and is constantly grinding to bring you new clients every single week. This type of stellar website can only be achieved with strong Search Engine Optimization(SEO) built in. SEO is what will allow your business to make regular appearances on search results. You want this visibility because this is where a huge portion of new clients will seek out your services first. Check out my free Wix class to get started if you still need a website.

2) Claiming Your Google+, & Google My Business Profiles:  Most people still haven't been properly introduced to the Google visibility suite available to them. And it's crazy because Google is the most used search engine, and it really really likes it's own products. So why not use that to your advantage?! If you have a location outside of your home, head over to Google, do a search for Google+ and then Google My Business and get to work to claim your profiles. Once claimed you will add the app to your phone, and then post to it daily with before and after's. Also include keywords that clients would use to search. Like "vancouver microblading" or "scottsdale eyelash extensions near me" 

3) Push For Reviews: This one has recently skyrocketed into the MUST DO category for visibility gold. Today clients wanna see that you are trusted or loved by their peers. So the increase of review sites and posts has become intensely crucial. I recommend leaning towards Facebook page reviews, and Google reviews. Yelp has crazy 'methods' of how they 'decide' to post reviews and then not post others. Shady tactics if you ask me...so I highly recommend steering clear of Yelp. I would say upwards of 80% of my new clients seek out reviews...even if a client recommended them already. So got happy clients, email them, give them notes, remind them...just get them reviews in. And reward them for it. 

4) Donate Services: Giving back to your community is another wonderful way to show love for where you call home. Not to mention a great way to get out and introduce you and your business. Keep your ideal client in mind and donate accordingly.

5)Referral Rewards:  If you have clients even just a handful, encourage them to tell their friends and family about your services. Make it easy to share you, and reward them if they do. Every one loves a deal especially on services they get regularly. So if your loyal lash extensions clients had a women's group she attends, give her a handful of cards with her name on the back. Tell her you'd love to serve her friends too, and that for every friend she refers she get's $5 off per appointment. Rewards work!

6) Email: When potential clients visit your killer website. Why not give them a reason to keep in touch. Maybe they're just browsing today...but in a month or so they may want your services. If you give them a reason to sign up for your email campaign you will have permission to keep in touch with them.  Offer something in return for signing up, $10 off a full set of lash extensions, $25 off a set of microbladed eyebrows. Incentives work nicely, so they'll have it for when they're ready. And...you'll have their email to keep in touch. 

7) Connect with Local Press: I think sometimes we forget that local press is still a great way to gain visibility for your brow, lash or beauty business. You can choose to connect with local journalists, news anchors, or local bloggers as they all have a platform that could be another visibility outlet for your beauty business. Research local outlets and their contributors and see who may be interested in a story that you may fit with what you offer. Or even a special event, promotion or timely service. 

8) Keep Learning:  Adding to your value and what you can offer is another important role in your visibility. When you can keep your craft sharp you are ensuring that more people will come to you and seek out what you can offer. It's not enough to just be trained in one service or with one company. To stay competitive you should keep learning and keep adding value to you and your business. 

9) Be Social Media Smart: Social media has somehow become the prime method of visibility for some stylists, and unfortunately without proper strategies it can be a huge time suck. One that in many cases doesn't yield the results stylists are seeking. Social media can be great for visibility, but should be used smartly. Not relying totally on it for the growth of your visibility, but as a platform and extension of your website. Post often to your Facebook page is great, but do not rely on it to bring all of your business. Posting to Pinterest is a great option to increase your visibility, as Pinterest has a great SEO component and shows up well in search results. 

10) Seek Out Help: And lastly it should be said that sometimes you may need a little help. Lucky for you, I happen to have a knack for visibility for brow, lash and beauty professionals. In addition to being in the industry as well serving my clients, I also help stylists with their visibility and show them proven strategies you too can use to help your business be seen and book more appointments. When you're having issues going it alone, take a peek at my courses, or live events to give you that final boost you may need. 

So there you have it, 10 amazing tips on increasing your lash extension business and or microblading visibility. Whether you're a microblading artist, or a lash extensions stylist your visibility can be how you take your business from a few clients a week, to booking months in advance. 

Need to chat with me? Let's hop on a 60 minute coaching call! Be diligent, be consistent and keep going!