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Microblading Strokes Mini Class

microblading training.jpg

Learn how to perfect your Microblading stroke patterns and brow mapping, to create the most insanely natural looking eyebrows for your clients!

The Microblading client climate is shifting towards a more natural realistic "I just grew my eyebrows back" look. Make sure you can comfortably deliver natural, real-looking growing eyebrows!


Learn my hyper natural technique of stroke patterns and mapping that compliments many different natural eyebrow patterns and features. 

I break down the eyebrow into 7 parts to help you better understand each and every brow. Not all brows are created equal, but it's smart to have an understanding of as many of them as you can. 

You'll also get my unique classic stroke dot to dot map, blank face practice sheets, and how to properly use the caliper tool to ensure you can understand my technique and apply it to your own style!  


Tutorial video

20-page Stroke Guide pdf 

My Stroke Pattern Dot to Dot sheet

Practice Blank Face Sheets

Ongoing mentoring & troubleshooting with me as needed via email 

Certificate of Completion

Take the Class!
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