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Lash Boss Action Takers

Thank You Beauty CEO for attending my class!


If you've landed on this page you're all finished up with my class at the 2021 Lash Boss Conference, and hopefully delivered a good bit of value for attending!

Below are some of the resources just for you that I've used to help grow my lash and brow business and my visibility.    

If you have a question that you wanna run by me, please email me: and I will get back to you with some suggestions as soon as I can. 

Take a peek at my YouTube channel for some videos on visibility, how I post short videos for visibility and more.

I stopped going back and forth with clients for scheduling a few years ago. This has saved me countless texts messages, booking snafu's, and anxiety trying to coordinate the right days and times. 

I currently use the Acuity scheduling system, and they offer a Free option, that stays Free forever. 

Click Here *

to learn more!



Download my updated local visibility book:

The Big Book of Get More Local Clients

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You are

Valued & Appreciated!


*affiliate link, I may earn $4 if you decide to sign up with a paid Acuity plan

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The email that I use in Acuity to follow up and ask for Google reviews

How to leave a Google Review..swipe sheet download, this can also be customized for your business and then given to clients

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